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Articles / Adam Hamilton / September 22, 2017 This week’s landmark Federal Open Market Committee decision to launch quantitative tightening is one of the most-important and most-consequential actions in the Federal Reserve’s entire 104-year history.  QT changes everything for world financial markets levitated by years of quantitative easing.  The advent of the QT era has enormous implications for stock markets and gold that all investors need to understand. This week’s FOMC decision to birth QT in early October certainly wasn’t a surprise.  To the Fed’s credit, this unprecedented paradigm shift had been well-telegraphed.  Back at its mid-June meeting, the FOMC warned “The Committee currently expects to begin implementing a balance sheet normalization program this year”.  Its usual FOMC statement was accompanied by an addendum explaining how QT would likely unfold. That mid-June trial balloon didn’t tank stock markets, so this week the FOMC decided to implement it with no changes.  The FOMC’s new statement from Wednesday declared, “In October, the Committee will initiate the balance sheet normalization program described in the June 2017 Addendum to the Committee’s Policy Normalization Principles and Plans.”  And thus the long-feared QT era is now upon us. The Fed is well aware of how extraordinarily risky quantitative tightening is for QE-inflated stock markets, so it is starting slow.  QT is necessary to unwind the vast quantities of bonds purchased since late 2008 via QE.  Back in October 2008, the US stock markets experienced their first panic in 101 years.  Ironically it was that earlier 1907 panic that led to the Federal Reserve’s creation in 1913 to help prevent future panics. Technically a stock panic is a 20%+ stock-market plunge within two weeks.  The flagship S&P 500 stock index plummeted 25.9% in just 10 trading days leading into early October 2008, which was certainly a panic-grade plunge!  The extreme fear generated by that rare anomaly led the Fed itself to panic, fearing a new depression driven by the wealth effect.  When stocks plummet, people get scared and slash their spending. READ MORE The post Fed QT Stocks, Gold Impact appeared first on Silver For The People.

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