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Articles / by Tyler Durden / Sep 22, 2017 6:10 AM From Bill Blain of Mint Partners Blain’s Morning Porridge – How to catch rabies in the Junk Bond Market I’m sure everyone has been following the Toy R Us meltdown in the bond market. Alongside chapter 11 bankruptcy, its bonds have crashed from 96 to 18% through the month. Have we seen this before? Of course you have. Happens all the time. But, Blain’s Market Mantra No 3 reminds us: “Markets have no Memory. Buyers have even less.” There are a number of things that worry me. First is the market doesn’t seem to think Toy R Us is symptomatic of wider problems across the whole hi-yield and LBO sector. According to some I’ve spoken to, Toys R Us is one of few and even the “only” company caught in a debt trap – oh no it isn’t! Profit of about $500mm per annum covering debt service costs of, say, about $500 per annum. FFS! As the FT comments: the capital structure is “extremely complicated” leading to doubts on what is and isn’t senior or subordinated to what. It’s what we call messy. READ MORE The post Bill Blain: How To Catch Rabies In The Junk Bond Market appeared first on Silver For The People.

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