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Articles / August 12, 2017 This event will trigger China’s launch of a gold-backed yuan and doom for the dollar. Stephen Leeb:  “…Once this happens, it’s done.  China then becomes the de facto king of the Eastern part of the globe, which basically means they are king of the world.  Now we’re fortunate and we could live under this.  And I will tell you that once China’s secure in (ruling) the Eastern hemisphere, one of the first things they are going to do is switch currencies (to a gold-backed yuan).  There is no reason for them to use the dollar at that point.  Why would they?  They won’t need it.  And if you don’t believe this, I will give you some hard evidence.  Look at how the currencies have been acting over the past week where we have been reading about Korea and nuclear war.  Yet the Chinese currency has been going bonkers vs the US dollar.  People are starting to figure out exactly what this game is.   READ MORE The post This Event Will Trigger China’s Launch Of A Gold-Backed Yuan And Doom For The Dollar appeared first on Silver For The People.

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