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Articles / BY IWB · MAY 19, 2017 by Pamela Williams When I read the Reddit Forum Thread on the murder of Seth Rich, I was shocked to see the pieces of the Seth Rich murder investigation fall into place right before my eyes.  I have been interested in finding answers for Seth Rich since the DC Police stopped their investigation.  It did not take much to realize immediately Seth Rich was not robbed, as they led the public to believe.  He was shot in the back by two assailants seen on a grainy video, but they took nothing off the body of Seth.   The robbery conclusion was a hoax fed to the public by a faction within the Washington DC political environment. It must be penetrated and acknowledged for what Seth knew it to be, as he bravely gave his life to expose.  Seth was an American patriot and hero, never the likes will be seen again.  He is a dying breed, and he waits in the afterlife for this recognition. READ MORE The post BREAKING: Reddit Investigation Into The Seth Rich Murder Is Factual, Shocking, And Destroys The Russian Scenario. appeared first on Silver For The People.

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