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Articles / Dr. Fly / Mar 20, 2017 4:02pm EST We’ve definitely run into some resistance as of late. Part of the recent reticence in stocks is due to the Nov-Dec rally, post election, which caught everyone off guard. Now we’re digesting recent gains, sitting around doing nothing, while Mother Market decides where to take us next. Much of our future is dependent on the Trump movement, how much he can get done in lieu of Washington shills interfering in his populist ways. Also, Federal Reserve policy might begin to play a key role soon, especially if their tightening is compounded by ECB and BOJ tightening. Next thing you know, we’re all in the back of a jam-box trying to sort out our lives in a post-capitalist society. For the year, there are extreme losers (extra Bernie Sanders) — in light of the grandiose headlines being purported. For example, Department Stores are down 20%, Oil and Gas Exploration -17.3%, Long Term Care Facilities -14%, Food Wholesale -12%, Apparel Stores -12% and Drug Delivery -11.5%. READ MORE The post Let’s Have a Look at the Great Bull Market of 2017 appeared first on Silver For The People.

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