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Articles / BY GEORGE FRIEDMAN AND JACOB L. SHAPIRO / MARCH 20, 2017 Spanish essayist George Santayana once wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” but there is a problem with this famous and witty line. Studying history has little practical utility in averting past outcomes. We are doomed to repeat history whether we know it or not. The value in knowing history is not that one might prevent its recurrence. Its value is that it allows you to identify those things that don’t change and that shape events… no matter the year on the calendar. It is not quite as clever a turn of phrase, but it would be more accurate to say: To predict the future, one must understand the past. Geopolitical Futures, unsurprisingly, focuses on the future. But part of what gives GPF analysis such insight into the future is its grounding in history. This is not always obvious, as most of our writing stays focused on the future. But today, in This Week in Geopolitics, we thought we might pull back the curtain slightly and showcase four maps that highlight what parts of the world looked like in the past… and that point the way toward what may come in the future. Before we begin… There are a little over two weeks left until Geopolitical Futures’ inaugural conference, The Next Four Years: The Role of the United States in the World. And there are just 8 tickets remaining. That means if you wish to join us for a full day of debate on critical geopolitical issues facing the United States now and in the coming years, there is no time to waste. A brief reminder of the details. The conference takes place on April 5 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC. As well as learning from panel sessions made up of top-level analysts and strategists, you will have the opportunity to chat with me, Geopolitical Futures analysts, and several of the speakers at breakfast, lunch, and a cocktail reception. READ MORE The post What Past Empires Tell Us About the Future appeared first on Silver For The People.

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