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Articles / by Andrew Hoffman / Mar 20, 2017 This just isn’t fair!  As every time the weekend passes, I wake up Monday with a gargantuan amount of “horrible headlines” to process (or, as I have recently deemed them, “PM bullish, everything-else bearish); which I dutifully gather every second of the day, be it Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.  In other words, the Miles Franklin Blog tirelessly works 24/7, to give you the best, and most actionable information available. In this particular case, there are literally four topics worthy of stand-alone articles – or heck, Audioblogs.  Plus, a handful of “second tier” topics worth at least my attention, if not significant commentary.  Of which, I intend to get to all this morning, culminating in what, after a significant amount of consideration, I determined to be today’s “winner.”  To that end, I’ll say one thing about my job – particularly in a world where Zero Hedge exists…it is never done, and never lacks excitement! That said, let’s start with some of said “second tier” topics – like the myriad articles discussing how the U.S. shale oil industry, after years of cost reduction and relentless technological advancements, can now comfortably produce at prices as low as $40/bbl,  proving that not only was OPEC’s desperation to prop prices from last year’s sub-$30/bbl lows beyond anything seen in its hideous, six-decade reign of incompetence; but that, as I have maintained for the past year, said reign is about to ignominiously end with the vast majority of OPEC nations going bankrupt – particularly, the purveyor of the dying, but still dollar-supporting “Petrodollar” agreement, Saudi Arabia.  Which, when prices finally do succumb to the massive non-OPEC production increases that must continue – from companies, and nations, equally desperate for cash to fund their exploding debts and crashing economies and currencies, will see its “Middle East Apartheid” government implode, in favor of far less pro-American factions.  READ MORE The post “Us” Against The World appeared first on Silver For The People.

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