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Articles / FS STAFF / 03/20/2017 Based on his big picture macro-outlook, Felix Zulauf told Financial Sense Newshour listeners last August that he expected three likely outcomes: the US stock market would rally (regardless of who was elected) until around Spring of 2017, the US dollar would push higher in an ongoing bull market, and the strong 2016 rally in gold and gold mining stocks was likely over with most of the risk now to the downside. Given how well those calls turned out (the Dow is up 13% since we last spoke with him, the GDX gold mining index is down 26%, and the US dollar is up 4%), Zulauf, head of Swiss-based Zulauf Consulting, provided our podcast listeners an update on his outlook and the trends to watch for 2017. All Eyes on Europe This Year Zulauf highlighted the importance of at least three major elections taking place in Europe in 2017 that are likely to exert a major influence on currencies and global markets. When it comes to greater or lesser integration among European members and the fate of the euro itself, elections in “France could be a game changer, and very late this year or early next year, Italy could be a game changer,” he said. READ MORE The post Felix Zulauf: 2017 Could Be a “Game Changer” appeared first on Silver For The People.

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