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The First DPOS Lightning Bitcoin Hard Fork is on the Way


After Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond and Super Bitcoin, another forked-coin Lightning Bitcoin is coming on the way. Initiated by an European team, Lightning, the project will become the first forked-coin that adopts the DPOS consensus mechanism. Also Read: How to Calculate Bitcoin Transaction Fees When You’re in a Hurry Fork at Block 499,999 The new project […]


The POW mechanism has long been discussed as the cause of mining centralization and network congestion. Daniel Larimer, author of Delegated Proof-of-Stake Whitepaper explained that miner tycoons control block time to maximize their interests, which will ultimately along with all POW systems be controlled by the fiat system. As such, the Lightning team employs DPOS mechanism that gives voting rights to token holders to avoid control of the system by any party. According to its official website,

The DPOS consensus will significantly reduce the number of participating verification nodes and help LBTC reach consensus in seconds and boost the transaction speed to really be as FAST as lightning.



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