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Interest in cryptocurrencies is at a fever pitch with untold numbers of token projects taking place every month. Initial coin offerings ICOs have yielded north of $1 billion in 2017, making this, clearly, the year of token launches.In Q3 alone, ICOs captured more than $1.3 billion for related ventures. This is estimated to be five times more than all of the venture capital funding raised in the blockchain industry.Amid this sea of activity, the average investor is left to stumble around aimle

Blockchain developer Chain is releasing an open-source compiler and development environment for writing Bitcoin smart contracts using Ivy, a smart contract language developed in-house.Chain is best known for the open-source Chain protocol and Chain Core, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure that facilitates financial transactions on scalable, private blockchain networks. An open-source developer edition of Chain Core is available to developers, with a testnet operated by Chain. Ivy was dev

When the history of Bitcoin and blockchains is written, 2017 will be the year tagged as the turning point when Bitcoin and red hot blockchain technology went mainstream. The steadily rising bitcoin price and market cap is a key, though not the only, indicator that a tipping point has been reached.Despite turmoil like ICOs being banned in China and South Korea, cryptocurrencies in general coming under scrutiny in other countries, and internal divisions and infighting in the Bitcoin community,
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