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With the exponential growth of cryptocurrency businesses, investing can be complex. This complexity has no doubt hindered mass adoption and prompted the need for trusted user-friendly tools to attract more traditional investors.Specializing in blockchain and smart contract technology, the Canadian technology company Rublix is building a network that could make - not just cryptocurrency trading - but any trading less complex. They are launching the Rublix platform so that investors across the

nnnnnnnnnAlongside Bitcoins meteoric rise in global interest andnprice has been a frenzy of activity aroundinitial coinnofferings ICO.According to the online coin offering trackerCoinschedule,nin 2017 alone there have been nearly 250 ICOs collectively raising over $3nbillion. This heightened interest combined with the potential for lucrativenreturns has prompted fears in some investment circles that we are facing anbubble. Indeed, the bubble seems to have already popped to some extent, withnf

In October 2017, LendEDU, a marketplace for financing loans, credit cards and other financial products, polled 1,000 Americans asking a series of questions related to Ethereum, Ripple and initial coin offerings ICOs. They did this to gain insight into the average Americans perception of cryptocurrency. The poll was conducted by online polling company OnePoll, which acted as a third party and was able to provide an age and gender breakdown of respondents. The poll was answered by 1,000 America

Alex Tapscott, CEO of NextBlock Global, a venture capital company investing in blockchain technologies, announced in a press release yesterday that he is canceling their plans to go public through a reverse takeover RTO of Nobelium Tech Corp., a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange TSX. Tapscott said the young company had stumbled in falsely listing some crypto and blockchain experts as members of the firms advisory board. He is currently talking to NextBlock investors to work out how

Blockstream is introducing Simplicity, a new programming language for blockchain-based smart contracts, intended for inclusion in Blockstreams sidechains and eventually in Bitcoin. The new language was presented by its creator, Russell O'Connor, Infrastructure Tech Developer at Blockstream, at the ACM SIGSAC Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security PLAS 2017.Simplicity is a blockchain programming language that is so simple, it fits on a t-shirt, O'Connor told Bitc

Bitcoin has had a quite a year thus far, to say the least. A 10x return since the beginning of the year has put bitcoin on a parabolic growth path that is testing the limits of this 2-year long bull marketFigure 1 BTC-USD, 3-Day Candles, Parabolic Growth EnvelopeThe gains have been incredible for those trading bitcoin for the last couple years, and it appears that this parabolic envelope is coming to a close. In order for this bull market to remain viable, it will need to keep up on a very ag

BTC Media, the largest media group in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, announced the launch of BTC Labs, a venture studio focusing on launching and incubating blockchain applications for the digital media industry on September 25, 2017.BTC Labs, in turn, introduced Storyboard Ventures, a venture financing arm of the organization, seeded with $2 million to fund forward-thinking and promising media projects. According to BTC Media, Storyboard Ventures will be vigorously searching for th

nnnnnnnnnIn his book Down The Rabbit Hole Discover The Power of Blockchain, author Tim Leanhighlights the evolution of smart contracts and their use ensuing from thenblockchain. nnThe term smart contract was first coined by ancomputer scientist Nick Szabo, Lea writes. In his 1996 article in thenmagazine Extrophy, he broadly described a smart contract as thenability to bring refined legal practices of contract law to the e-commercenprotocols between strangers and the internet. nnIn their most


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