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By Shawn GordonWhat is RippleTechnically speaking, is Ripple a cryptocurrency in the mold of Bitcoin The short answer is probably no, but that doesnt stop it from often being lumped into that same category.What is RippleOriginally released in 2012 as a subsequent iteration of Ripplepay, Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system RTGS, currency exchange and remittance network. Using a common ledger that is managed by a network of independently validating servers that constantly compare tran

Increasing interest in cryptocurrencies has led to an influx of new investors. Unlike traditional markets, there are few tools that can help people make informed decisions, a situation that has already begun to claim victims in a particularly volatile environment.In separate announcements, Weiss Ratings and Intercontinental Exchange NYSE ICE have announced the introduction of new financial tools to help investors navigate the cryptocurrency market and make smarter investments.Weiss Ratings, a

Shortly after a sharp drop from the mid $14,000 to the lower $9,000s, bitcoin saw a strong bounce to the upper $11,000s. At the time of this article, bitcoin appears to be consolidating and is ready to make its next moveFigure 1 BTC-USD, 1 Day Candles, Macro ViewIn the previous BTC market analysis, we discussed the distribution trading range the market fell out of as it reached for lower support boundaries. Ultimately, it found support on the macro 50 retracement values near $10,000. Once it

Owning cryptocurrency comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest of those challenges is managing the private keys that enable you to spend funds. Lose your private keys, and your money is gone.In a business environment, a common way to manage funds owned by multiple people is via whats called a multisignature multisig address, a type of smart contract requiring two or more parties to sign off on a transaction to move the funds. This can be problematic, however. Lets say you have


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